Popular Gifts and Souvenirs From Japan

There are many popular gifts and souvenirs from Japan that make wonderful gifts for friends and family back home. These can be found at local shops in Japan or online and will bring back fond memories of your trip to the country.

Ukiyo-e – Woodblock Prints

Ukiyo-e, or traditional Japanese woodblock prints, are very popular as souvenirs and are also a great way to bring the country’s unique culture home. Images range from mountains and seascapes to actors from traditional performing arts like Kabuki. Some even feature humorous elements, while others are more refined in style.

Yukata and Kimono – Traditional Costumes

These traditional outfits are perfect for both tourists and local visitors and are a fantastic souvenir to take back from your trip to Japan. They are both available in various sizes and styles to suit any budget. They are also incredibly versatile and can be worn at a wide variety of occasions, from a casual stroll to a formal dinner.

Ceramics – Tea Sets and Bonsai Pots

Ceramic products are a popular gift from Japan as they make beautiful keepsakes to be cherished forever. Whether you choose a large sake pitcher and cups or a small square plate, they are easy to find and come at a very affordable price in Japan. They also are a great gift for people who enjoy drinking tea or for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

Kokeshi Dolls – Carved out of wood, these charming figurines are popular as gifts and can be used as display pieces in the home. They are often painted in a bright and fun color, so they make a nice gift for children as well as adults.

Daruma – These round dolls are a great choice for anyone who wants to buy a Japanese souvenir that is a little more special than the usual. These dolls are usually red and have black eyes, which are believed to represent the Buddha. When a recipient receives a daruma, they will fill in one of the eyes after making a wish, and then fill in the other eye when the wish comes true.

Maneki Neko – These waving cats are another popular Japanese souvenir that will add a touch of whimsy to any room. They are available in different sizes and styles to suit any taste or personality. The story behind this cat is not completely clear, but it is believed that if you raise both paws, it will bring good luck.

A tatami mat is a lovely addition to any home and a great Japanese souvenir to take back from your trip to Japan. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also easily transportable and can be folded and stored in a suitcase to avoid space.

Green Tea – Powdered and ready-to-use, green tea is a popular Japanese souvenir that can be used to make tea or other snacks. It is easy to find in any department store and will make a great souvenir for your loved ones.