Escorts can sometimes have really busy schedules filled with clients throughout the week. Most of these men are not satisfied with their normal sex life and want to enjoy some exciting moments with beautiful women. The escorts are used to dealing with all kinds of clients, and generally get an idea of what type of client they are dealing with as soon as they meet them. Here are some types of men who commonly use escort services.

The Ugly, Old, and Rick

These three types belong to the same category according to the escorts. Most of the times, clients who hire young escorts are old. But they are rich enough to afford the luxury of hiring the best escorts in the world. These multimillionaires are fond of young and beautiful women and would do anything to have their company. While some old men may still seem handsome, the rest of them are usually not so attractive.

The creeps

Escorts have a long list of desperate men that they have blocked so that they do not call back. These men are usually too desperate to understand that their partner does not like their behaviour or demands. They make-up things and expect the escorts to show sympathy towards them only because they do not want to use the condom. There are several stupid reasons like these which make them creeps.

The dominant

Escorts may or may not like dominant men who like to be the more powerful ones on the bed. These men like to have wild sex which at times can hurt the escort. It is completely an escort’s decision whether she wants to continue or not. But these men are usually gentlemen when they are not in bed. They treat their women good but have the fantasies which only a few escorts can handle.

The lovers

These type of men are emotional and affectionate. They are usually the first-timers, who fall in love with their beautiful escorts and feel attached to them, without realizing that the escort was pro enough to provide good sex. These men take time to understand that the escorts are trained to act like girlfriends to their clients and do not have any real feeling for them.

The talkers

Many men do not call escorts for sex. They rather want to spend time cuddling or dating a beautiful woman and talking to her. The escorts do not mind meeting these men as they have to put less effort while they are still getting paid for full service. These men spend some quality time and then go back, which really interests the escorts for knowing more about them. But these men have no reason to necessarily have an answer for them.