Dating an escort is similar to a real date, except that in this case, your date will be much more interested in you, unlike the real date. You can get all the attention of your date as she will not let you feel like you need to try to impress her. She will take care of you like a real girlfriend and will always be cheerful and interested in your talks. However, there are certain limits that you should not cross or else you will write your name in their list of bad and awkward clients. You need to treat her with respect and avoid asking her these questions while you are talking to each other.

Why are you doing this?

Trust us! There is nothing worse that can spoil her mood than asking her why she is in the escort business when she is intelligent and beautiful. Do not assume that escorts are doing it out of force and professional escort services only hire women who want to work as an escort on their own. They are probably earning more than you and have and do not have any insecurities with their job. Asking these questions will disrespect their profession, which can make them walk away.

Are you in a relationship?

If the escorts are not okay with sharing their personal lives with you, then you should be smart enough to understand that you cannot ask her about her private life. Asking her if she is in a relationship or if she has a boyfriend or husband is a huge mood spoiler. If she is in a relationship, it will make the rest of the evening, awkward knowing that she is having fun with a man who knows about her relationship.

Can I get a discount?

When you hire an escort, discuss all the rates and services on the phone call. Avoid discussing the rates and discounts when you are face to face with the escort. It will waste both of your time, and the escort will not be okay with negotiating the price with you.

Can you stay longer?

Take the time of the escort for which you paid. Never ask her to stay overtime and expect her to understand that you need her. If you want to stay longer, book extra hours in advance to not face such problems later. Even if she agrees to stay longer, pay her for the extra time at her fixed charges. She may have other clients to attend to on the same day.

Will you be my girlfriend?

Do not feel that if an escort is giving you all the love, she is actually interested in you. Remember that you have paid for it and it is her job to make you feel good. Never flow in the feels and ask her to be your girlfriend. One reason is that she is not supposed to get personal with her clients. Even if she does, imagine her visiting her clients while you wait for her at home. It is a fact that you cannot swallow for long, and the relationship will eventually end. It is better to meet her again and again if you like her company and just pay for it.